Outdoor Activity

Our outdoor space is a large landscaped area that offers a variety of nature-oriented activities, such as a space for animals, a vegetable garden and natural climbing structures. It honors the spirit of the season with planting, tasting, and harvesting in the garden, picking flowers, growing bean-pole teepees and sunflowers, outdoor games and crafts, feed the pigs, and lots of water-play. As children develop a personal relationship with the natural world, learning is meaningful and a sense of reverence for the Earth and all life is cultivated. Out of joyful and enthusiastic activity, the children develop imagination and creativity along with a sense of wonder, reverence and compassion for humanity and nature.

“May my soul bloom in love for all existence.”
- Rudolf Steiner

Situated on a farm, Oromahoe Kindergarten provides a nurturing, supportive place for children to grow, learn, and blossom. We have many acres of natural spaces to explore, and are never at a loss for outdoor activities. Being outdoors provides a wide range of opportunities for physical exploration, inspiration and creativity.