Indoor Space

We have two beautiful Kindergarten rooms. The Kindergarten head Teacher works in the main room with two assisting teachers and a maximum of 19 children. The second room is led by a fully qualified ECE Teacher with a maximum of six children. This room is mainly used for little one’s

Both rooms feature a carefully planned daily rhythm and the fostering of imaginative and creative play. Our daily rhythm balances periods of free play with times of more directed activity. Playthings are either gathered from the outdoors – such as pine cones, smooth stones and shells; or are hand-made from natural materials. This enables the children to experience directly the truth and beauty inherent in the natural world. The toys provided, with their simple, unfinished form, allows the child to use their creativity and imagination in their play experiences.

The activities of the kindergarten are structured to strengthen the child’s imagination, creativity, social skills, and self-confidence. Literacy begins in the kindergarten with a rich oral language base. Teachers use storytelling to develop concentration, vocabulary, speaking, and listening skills, which lay down the basis for reading comprehension. Using imaginative play, children connect at a deeper level with many aspects of life.

Our warm indoor space provides a harmonious atmosphere, where the children are guided in and out of organised activities and free play, honouring the child’s play as their work. These activities include songs, puppet stories, drawing, painting, crafts, games, and preparation and sharing of food. The children come to appreciate this rhythm, which allows them to relax and flourish. There are spaces provided for circle time and play materials that foster the child’s natural sense of imagination